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News 08.05.14 – Airworthiness update

Cameron Service Bulletin SB22 – Highly Recommended – Issued 02/05/14

Hot off the press Cameron Balloons Ltd have issued Service Bulletin SB22 dated 0/May 2014 connected with the replacement of pressure gauge fittings. It involves the replacement of the brass pressure gauge feed tube and compression fittings with a stainless steel alternative. This is the right angle fitting that comes off the top of the gauge to which the small feed pipe connects.

Isolated incidents have been reported where the pressure gauge inlet fitting has developed a hair line crack allowing a small leakage of fuel which can cause a small localised fire in the burner can. The incidents have only occurred where the pressure gauge inlet fitting is manufactured from brass (burners manufactured pre-1999). Single burners are not affected. If leakage occurs control is transferred to another burner unit (Flight Manual Section 3.10). Venting the supply hose will normally extinguish the fire.

The Bulletin affects the following type of burners:
CB2008, CB2031, CB2059, CB2065, CB2075, CB2081, CB2085, CB2086, CB2089, CB2095, CB2096, CB2097, CB2101, CB2103, CB2104, CB2111, CB2113, CB2119, CB2145, CB2153, CB2195, CB2115, CB2222, CB2239, CB2240, CB2242, CB2243, CB2244, CB2255, CB2256, CB2289, CB2298, CB2299, CB2301, CB2305, CB2342, CB2351, CB2351, CB2395, CB2446, CB2459, CB2460, CB2461, CB2465, CB2466, CB2467, CB2469, CB2478, CB2479, CB2494.

This would therefore appear to include mainly all the pre-1999 Shadow/Stealth combinations but note it does not affect single burner variants. A visual inspection of the fitting can be made through the can. If as is traditional with Cameron burners everything is covered in soot wipe clean the fitting to ascertain whether it is brass (golden colour) or stainless steel (silver). Although we haven’t come across this problem yet it is Highly Recommended so best you clutter off to the trailer dig out your burner if it’s a Shadow and have a gander. Considering the status of the SB we suggest you do it sooner or later however it is not Mandatory and no Airworthiness Directive has been issued. The isolated nature of the reported failures would suggest that you keep an eye on it. If you are unsure please contact your inspector. The part number for this repair/modification is CB 2472-0000. Don’t forget to ask for a Form1.

If it transpires that you have a stainless fitting then enter ‘Cameron SB22.0 not applicable, affected part not fitted’ in the logbook. If it is then get it changed and enter the details in the logbook.

To see the Service Bulletin and the illustrated repair procedure go to;

Any concerns please give us a call.