Balloon Repair Station

News Update 23.10.13.

Jack Klein
It is with great sadness that we learnt that Jack Klein died following a car accident in Hawaii on Tuesday 22nd October. Apart from being a brilliant and very talented bloke he was also well known for his very lightweight home-built balloons which he flew throughout the world and more recently his Klein fans, designed especially for the smaller balloons. We first met him in Alaska along with his lovely missus Carol. They were the kindest and most perfect of hosts, even arranging an earthquake within half an hour of our arrival at the Alaskan House That Jack Built. Jack visited whenever he was in England more often than not appearing as if by magic in our local pub usually ahead of us, where he enjoyed a pint or two of ESB. Then we discovered he’d actually seen Iron Butterfly in concert so our already high regard for him increased many-fold. Our deepest heart-felt sympathies go out to Carol and all those that had the privilege of knowing him.