Balloon Repair Station

News Update 07.10.13

Hot Air Balloon burner and flight cylinder stolen
Gary Madelin has had the bottom end of his Lindstrand Cloudhopper stolen on the early evening of 7th October 2013. The Lindstrand seat unit is the frame-type that takes various sizes of flight cylinder. The cylinder he was using at the time was a Cameron CB426 60 litre. He writes;

Our Lindstrand cloud-hopper entire bottom end was stolen following a landing at 17.50 on Bramshot Common near Liphook, Hampshire [MOD land] in the 25 minutes it took us to go to the guard room to get the key to unlock the security gate. There is no way any vehicle could have accessed the site, so it was lifted and carried [some considerable distance] probably by local yobs, who possibly saw it as scrap value. They left the envelope bag there. The parts were bottom end, frame and seat – BA 808, burner – BU 936. Balloon identification plate with registration G-CDAD was welded to the seat frame. Tank – CB 426 serial number 0273 4606. A Police report has been filed and the hope is that the bits might surface locally, or end up on e-bay. There are very few of these around so please all help me by being vigilant. A totally senseless crime, as the thieves can’t possibly use any of it for its designed purpose. Any info please call me on 07831 404378. Thanks, Gary Madelin