Balloon Repair Station

News Update 13.09.13.

Ultramagic HAB TCDS to BA-014 Issue 16
On your toes now paperwork people, Ultramagic Hot Air Balloons TCDS BA014 has gone to issue 16. Seems the only change is to 4.2 Burners and baskets for T-models.

Trappe launches from Maine – Trappe lands
Big disappointment for Jonathan Trappe who has put down safely, somewhat prematurely, in, appropriately enough, Blow Me Down Provincial Park in Newfoundland. Early indications suggest that the weather got the better of him and, with thunderstorms up his chuff, an early landing was decided. It will be interesting to hear his story. He was attempting to cross the Atlantic by Cluster Balloon.

Grass Roots Rolls Over numero deux
With this weekend looking decidedly pants, weatherwise, the next date for the Grass Roots Meet is possibly 20-22 September. Earliest a decision will be made will be 18th September.