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News update 22.05.13.

Ultramagic Flight Manual goes to Edition 04 Revision 21.

The Ultramagic Flight Manual went to Edition 04 Revision 21 on 21.05.13.

There is only really one change to Revision 20. The MTOM on the 355 is changed to 3450kg, a corrected typo (page 5.8). The Operation and Service Instructions specific to aircraft registration or constructors number with an issue date prior to 28 September 2003 may continue to be used. So unless your balloon or equipment is later than September 2003 no change is required.

In addition Flight Manual Supplement Number. 08 becomes Iss.4 (Special shape ‘Heart’) and Flight Manual Supplement Nr. 38, (Teckno Envelopes) goes to Iss.5

The relevant documents including changed pages only can be downloaded from the Ultramagic Website. On the front page scroll down and click on Manuals & Technical Support.