Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 18.05.13

photo dotty hopperWell just when it was all going so well the rain and wind hath returned. Never mind the trees are in leaf and summer is around the corner. Whatever a most warm welcome to you and thanks for visiting the site. Lurking about is a stack of Airworthiness information pertaining to balloons along with a rather puzzling mish-mash of articles and stuff that we hope you will find useful and entertaining. On the workshop front we have been away a fair bit grabbing the slots to carry out onsite inspections both at home and in Germany. More on the latest Germany trip coming soon. We are now back for a week or two no doubt trying to dodge the rain. In the news is a fuller update on the latest Cameron Flight Manual and a bit about dates on cylinders. Before any one else asks, yes our Alice is expecting and the nipper is due in July. With our Pete’s Alice (a different one) due imminently it seems the grandchild tally is rising steadily. Good, more trainee chimney sweeps.

Being away has meant that the hoped for articles are still under construction as they say but hopefully there should be a bit about replacing dampers on Westfalia trailers and a write up on our most eventful trip to Germany when we took a visit to the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg or rather better known as the former Nazi Rally Field. It was quite something else. Mind you Nuremberg Airport deserves an article on its own! Sadly the trip meant an end of Action Man’s flying career (or rather free-falling career on account of porosity) so when we can get Ritchie Turnbull back from Aus we’ll run a bit on the old chap (Action Man not Ritchie). The final chapter on the Go Ballooning Saga is fast approaching with the on-line auction now running and a fair bit of interest apparently being shown. That’ll knock a hole in the second-hand market then.

In the shed we have had another attempt at a clearout and made a bit of room for the projects various to get underway again. This weekend sees the Chiltern Hills Rally, a kind way of saying Rusty Club. Its on Sunday 19th and seems to be going ahead. Trouble is what do we take this year? I suspect it will most likely be the Thunderbird as it hasn’t had an outing this year and I am still awaiting the stickers for the numberplate on the New Hudson, appropriately YUK something or other. That means we now have a CRP and a YUK. Brilliant. I don’t think I’ll risk the Dunkley Whippet but we’ll see. HS2 continues to annoy but the latest news is that there is no change despite some financial department reckoning that it won’t help employment in the north south divide. That simply goaded the politicians into declaring that it was even more worthy and they were now definitely pressing ahead. They didn’t respond to the shortfall of £3billion that seems to have crept into the equation. I’m getting quite excited about it now. The latest HS2 investigators to rock up were recording gateways? Thanks again for calling by. Please have a trot around the site and a good chuckle. If we can be of any help please give us a call. All the best Jane, John, Alice and Chris