Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 23.03.13.

G-CDRI from belowHello and a very warm welcome to you if this is your first visit and thanks for coming back if you are returning for an update. This site is primarily all about hot air balloon airworthiness matters but…despite being a Part M Subpart F & G Organisation looking after airworthiness matters relating to hot air balloons in the enticing world of EASA we do have other interests as do the people who use us. You will find plenty reference stuff down the side in the pages including details of balloon meets here there and everywhere and in the Technical bit loads of updated techy stuff. Elsewhere are articles and information on everything from the Shard to Inspecting baskets. Have a look round and enjoy. Hopefully you will find something of interest if not please let us know.

The news is always a bit lean at this time of year but it has been confirmed that Alan Noble (Managing Director) is to leave Cameron Balloons at the end of March and Craig Moore the Quality fella is to become a Director. Congratulations to him. The 3.4.40. Region are planning a meet in Newbury and All Fools’ Meet is gathering pace with the weather set to get colder with easterlies for the Easter Weekend. Brrrrr. There are a couple of new articles. One on G-BAIR, a very early Thunder Balloon and a rather tongue in cheek report on the British Balloon and Airship Clubs AGM which we made the effort to attend, and very good it was too. I’ve got a new stereo which has had the ceiling down and now plan to rebuild the mighty Dynatron but that will be a story for later. Next week I will be trucking off to Reading to get the rebuilt New Hudson a new registration number so hopefully it won’t rain. Meanwhile we are getting ready for the Black Horse All Fools’ Meet which mainly involves stopping the dogs knicking the cream eggs.

HS2 news is getting worse with the declaration that the Government are going full tilt boogey ahead. We are now experimenting with padding for the modified mail bag pickup so we can get to Wendover in half an nano. John has returned full of suntan and cocktails along with stories of sitting on the beach in temperatures of 23º. We, meanwhile have been proof pressure testing for England and welcoming old friends back for inspections including Rob Fuller and Snapdragon 3, G-CDRI, a Cameron O-105. Snapdragon 1 was the first balloon I retrieved having dropped into a neighbours rather inaccessible field with Peter Dowlen, Rob and, if I recall correctly, a very small Justin Moore. This editions picture was taken by Dodsey the parachutist who fell out backwards a couple of weeks ago, allegedly wearing flippers. Thanks very much for visiting. Please stay and have a look around. We hope you enjoy the site and at least some of the articles make you smile. Best regards Alice, Jane, John and Chris