Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 30.01.13.

A very warm welcome to you if this is your first visit and welcome back if you’ve been before. Here you will find a rather eclectic mix of stuff here no all of it relating to balloons. In short, and avoiding the nonsense, Easy Balloons Ltd is actually a Part M Subpart F & G Organisation looking after airworthiness matters relating to hot air balloons in EASAland so here you will naturally find all the general (and not so general) airworthiness stuff in the Pages down the side which we keep updated along with details of balloon meets and the like. Elsewhere are all sorts of varied articles on stuff we hope you enjoy that we have come across. In the latest news is a bit more stuff from the CAA and links to a couple of vids that are worth a look. The piccie this time round is Team Khaos somewhere over the Alps last week taken with Gaby Grunauer’s new super clever lens.

We have finally recovered from being snowed and iced in and started back in a slightly more serious way. With the rain and wind replacing the snow things in the fields are no better and as I write the heavens have opened once more. Never idle though we have got on with those things we should have done ages ago. As a distraction though, when Ed Lubbock the BBAC Landowner Relations Officer asked us if we’d like to have a bit of a preview up the Shard we leapt at the opportunity. Sadly the vis wasn’t that good but the experience was great. Article follows. Thankyou. He is currently organising a trip on the outside of the London Eye (we understand).

In the new article department we have one on the HMS Jervis Bay tagged to Salome. Work that out. We also found a couple or three rather rarer pics of rusty balloons flying from local events which we are researching at the moment and will be up soon. I have finally got the New Hudson to stop leaking fuel and made up some new tank mounts so that will mean it can checked over prior to getting a registration number under the new system so we can do something on that. Lets hope they haven’t followed any EASA directives, meanwhile the Mercette still defeats us but we have a fine mower in to get going courtesy of Marky Schem. Now for the roundtoits. Our New Year’s Resolution – we will get the new straps sorted on Richard Ashford’s old Thunder Airchair this year. Please have a look around, most of the pics will get bigger if you click on them we hope you enjoy the site. Best regards Jane, John and Chris