Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 18.11.12

A very warm welcome to you if this is your first visit and welcome back if you’ve wandered around here before. Essentially Easy Balloons Ltd is a Part M Subpart F & G Organisation looking after continued airworthiness matters so on the site you will find general (and not so general) airworthiness stuff. Elsewhere are all sorts of varied articles on stuff we hope you enjoy. Just posted articles include one about the One Man Meet with a great heap of photos kindly written by Jeff and Val Roberts, The Liberty store in London and its connection with The Lee, just up the road from our workshop and if time allows a bit about our most recent renovation job and a rather interesting get together held in honour of Joe Philp who used to fly the British Gas Balloons. In the news are some items concerning the new licencing arrangements which no-one seems to either want or understand and a very welcome revision concerning Congested Area take-off sites plus my horse gets on Wikipedia!

The item we did on the Norfolk Airfields seems to have been very well received and its certainly had a lot of ‘visitors’. News is that some visits to the old airfields are now planned so that a few up to date pictures of what is left can be got and the booklets revised. On the Old & Rusty front the little Honda is getting all the attention at the moment with the bulk of the bodywork now finished it won’t be long before it gets taken off the chassis and painted and we can get on with putting it back together. Following the demise of the Style Sensation Yammy we came upon a Piaggio Scoot on eBay which has had a rebuild and is now thrashing around Aylesbury, Chesham and Amersham. Not really my thing but cripes it goes well! There might be a bit about it somewhere.

The weather has trounced most attempts at flying recently, the ground has just been too wet round our way and when it did briefly dry out a bit it was too windy, however with the last of the leaves falling cold frosty mornings can’t be far away. After a quiet week or two things seem to be busy again with another shape to get airworthy during December looking likely. In the meantime Mr Lubbock returned me cloudyhopper so may be out this afternoon. Please stick around and have a browse, we hope you enjoy the site. Thanks for looking.