Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 21.10.12

We are trying to decide whether or not to make the whole thing more magazine-like but to be honest it will probably stay rather haphazard as that is far easier. We have been a bit busy preparing for an audit, which went well, then just when we thought we’d go to press that hero Felix Baumgartner went for it and we celebrated and a couple more days passed then we had another audit. Main result is that the workshop is very tidy! We’ve kept pretty busy but it is now quietening down a fair bit mainly as a result of more bum weather and it does at this time of year. This has meant we have started to get on with some of those roundtoits that tend to clutter the place up.

Article-wise there seems a lot of unfinished stuff but with things a little calmer we can get them sorted and out and published. This time we have a bit about the 100 Bomber Group and a set of booklets by Len Bartrum that our Trevor discovered. Having missed the One Man Meet our next outing will be the Icicle. The past few years haven’t been brilliant weather-wise so lets hope for a nice traditional chilly morning at least. So please stick around and have a browse, we hope you enjoy the site. Thanks for visiting.