Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 06.08.12

First note is to let you know that a few Airworthiness Notices have just been issued, including an Airworthiness Directive. Details are in the News bit. That’s that done then. Moving on swiftly finally the weather really has sorted itself out and down at the daughter’s the hay and silage is finally cut, big relief all round. With most of the years’ County Shows and big outdoor events having been cancelled it seems the only people that got it right was Glastonbury who decided to have a year off. Bet they couldn’t believe their luck! Down at Bristol it seems all is full steam ahead with a good forecast seemingly holding good. In the workshop we had a week or two when it looked like all the round-to-it jobs would be completed and we’d have to take an extra day or two off but with the return of summer, albeit a bit late, we are back with a workshop full of stuff. We took a quick trip to Northern Ireland again the other week to inspect a few balloons that escaped and blow me down, while we had low cloud and clag, back at base it was the hottest few days ever in the history of this years summer! Typical.

Apologies for the lack of new stuff but it is all coming along and we should have some new articles up soon but good weather means outside at the moment trying to catch up and of course the Olympics haven’t helped although in this house it seems the only events concern horses! For visitors to the workshop we now have an environmental recording device set up which is recording the sounds of the countryside so that the HS2 lot can listen to what they are going to blast into the ether with the passage of 230mph trains every ten minutes. There are obviously some interesting bits of other stuff recorded on it. Maybe they are going to put the ambient sounds of skylarks in the same box as the toads, lizards and snakes they are going to move to make way for the new railway? While we are on the subject of birds we have a thingy that records how many people visit the site and the things they have searched for to get here. Well the bit on Swallows, House Martins and Swifts seems to be getting more hits than the RSPB site. That’s not to say we don’t get hits on the Airworthiness stuff but who’d have believed it.

Anyway down green lane if this is your first visit a very warm welcome to you and thankyou very much for dropping in. Easy Balloons’ website as the name suggests is primarily to do with the Continuing Airworthiness of Hot Air Balloons. We specialise in trying to keep EASA nonsense as simple as possible offering a simple way to keep your balloon airworthy. We are a fully paid-up EASA Part M Subpart F & G Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) looking after the needs of balloonists everywhere and trying to make it a bit simpler and cheaper. Now with inspectors based in the north we now cover a much bigger area. There is a lot of serious reference stuff in the pages which we do our best to keep updated for the use of inspectors everywhere. Please feel free to make use of it. If you need anything balloon related then please call or drop a line and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks again for visiting and trust you enjoy the site.