Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 02.07.12

Hi and a very warm welcome to you, thanks for dropping by, as the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band said. We’ve had a few weeks of mayhem and somehow got through most of it! The weather is really starting to annoy. No chance to cut any silage yet so long grass still at The Black Horse but the beer is good and there is Stowford Press on tap. Recent visitors have included The Nescafe Mug and Dave Such, doing his Special-shaped Inspector rating. We have a rake of future pilots through doing their exams and all doing jolly well. Congratulations. The foal is doing famously and can now be caught and can have a head-collar put on.

In the new articles bit is a wedding report, yes a wedding report, and a rare bit of creative writing from hopper-man Steve Roake who also popped by for tea and a chat. More to follow in the coming week or two. In between mending daughter’s car we have managed to sort out the New Hudson and Dick is getting on well with Trevor’s Vivi. In the world of John meanwhile his new conservatory has not been going to well with the doors opening out into his shed and the roof being out of line. In desperation he has headed to Southampton to watch the Cunard fleet come and go celebrating the 175th anniversary of the company. “Blocks of Peckham flats.” He was heard to murmur.

Onto the necessary stuff to keep a check on reality and let you know what we really are all about, on the other hand…..This is the website of Easy Balloons who specialise in trying to get EASA nonsense as simple as possible. Essentially we are an EASA Part M Subpart F & G Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) looking after the needs of balloonists everywhere and trying to make it a bit simpler and cheaper for us all. Thank you very much for visiting and if we can be of assistance please drop us a line or give us a call. Having set fire to me fringe as a result of an incorrect met I’m off for a bit of a hair chop. That’ll be the only forage harvesting this week then!