Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 16.06.12

Hadn’t realised how time has flown. Not quite sure where we’ve been but an extended holiday, which seemed to turn into a two day week here, plus a trip to Northern Ireland came into the equation somewhere along the line. Anyone got any ideas how to loose a stone or two of Guinness fatness? We had a fine old time at the Tylers Green Jubilee Beacon, article elsewhere, but not before the village had had a brilliant parade and afternoon bash where The Swan didn’t come last in the ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge! Recent visitors to the workshop have included Mr Dorrell, who strongly leads in the Trailer of the Year Award, see article.

Sad news that our local CAA appointed doctor has decided to call it a day. Increased bureaucracy, fees and all the general nonsense has finally claimed him as another victim of increasing paperwork bollix. It is a reflection of those at the top of the CAA and EASA that they seem hell bent to reduce the number of customers they have. Clearly having no pilots or aircraft will make their lives easier! Being close to Luton he looked after the medicals of quite a few airline pilots as well as us lowly balloonists. Very sad loss. More CAA ranting in the News! Maybe we ought to introduce a ‘CAA rant’ section. Forgetting that for a moment there are a couple of Airworthiness updates with regards to Manuals and Camerons have finally launched their new Aluminium cylinders but we don’t appear to have had a press release so can’t comment!

Anyroad down a small feathered friend, welcome to Easy Balloons and our eclectic site which we hope you enjoy. Essentially we are an EASA Part M Subpart F & G Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) with all the politics that go with it, looking after the needs of balloonists everywhere and trying to make it a bit simpler and cheaper for us all. Thanks again for visiting. Best I press on with the last few lumps of paperwork and plan our visits for the next couple of weeks. Now where’s me biro……wonder if they’ll pick that error up again?