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Welcome! May 9th 2012

Welcome to Easy Balloons 09.05.12

Hooray, a real welcome this time round to Rosie, Ruby’s the new foal which was born on Saturday 5th at around ninish whilst our Mary was having tea having camped in Frank for a month!! I’m told its called Gem? With all the bad weather we have been having Ruby had been holding off but finally after a couple of mildish nearly dry days the time arrived. Mother and foal are doing well. More in the News of course.

The weather hasn’t got any better and despite the odd slot nearly no flying has been going on as the ground is now saturated, relieved the hosepipe ban is till ongoing though. We actually lost our water supply to the farm on Friday for a while after the mains burst at the bottom of Rocky Lane. Rumours that it was down to Whoa Gary Davies testing his latest acquisition were apparently unfounded (see News). They flew in Ireland on Saturday though! Also in the News is a rather remarkable bit on the Armenians who presumably, because they can’t afford or get helium, filled promotional balloons with hydrogen and released them at a political rally with the inevitable consequences. Look out for the behind the scenes article on BHTG which is now back in the air.

Anyway big welcomes all round and although we are primarily an EASA Part M Subpart F & G Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) based in the glorious Chiltern Hills almost in view of Chequers, was it not for a hill, specialising in the Maintenance and the Continuing Airworthiness of Hot Air Balloons. We aim to simplify the EASA nonsense as best we can and make life for both Commercial and Private Balloonists alike, simpler, a bit more affordable and enjoyable (as ever much as EASA legislation can be). To remain sane we do have, and positively encourage, other interests so please have a look around the site as we are adding stuff whenever we get the chance.