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EB News 08.02.12

Oh Yeah, OH YEAH Cameron Balloons Flight Manual update
Hot off the press is the latest update to the Cameron Flight Manual. This brings in line the changes to lifing of cylinders amongst other things. If you use Issue 10-9 you will be advised to update. That good old chap John Davies at Cameron Balloons has sent out the following and in great spirit apologises for any inconvenience caused. Fair play to CBL we say. To get straight to the point go to….

Updated pages only are here:

In addition:

Supplements 8.2-8.8, 8.12-8.16, 8.18-8.26, 8.30, 8.32 and 8.35-8.36 have all been updated (details of updates listed in the base manual).

Supplement 8.39 “Out of production cylinders” has been issued here:

We have to say that there is a bit about straight diptubes in Worthington cylinders and qualification (or a word similar) has been asked for.

Maintenance instructions previously contained in the above supplements have now been published individually and are available here:

Any problems or if you just need to understand the changes better contact John direct by email at:

Deer attacks balloon

Devon-based Aerosaurus Balloon Rides encountered an angry deer yesterday morning whilst attempting to inflate the balloon. It is thought that the deer had had a late night partying and the sound of the inflation was just too much for the normally placid Bambi. “Its not everyday you get an angry deer but it does make a pleasant change”. reported Arthur Street chief pilot of Aerosaurus. It is not thought that the field will go down on the map as an ‘unfriendly deer. “We’ll get Johnny Kingdom to pop round later with a bale of hay, that’ll do the trick”, added Arthur.

Click on the link below & see a brief video clip of the run in with the deranged deer encountered in the field in Mid Devon yesterday (Tuesday) morning. the link is a bit of a thing as it seems to direct you to a facebook wotsit where you need to scroll down until you find reference to it clicky click and it takes you to another site. Well out of my depth but if you are on facebook it may work.

Rumour Control
Its been let slip that Camerons are building an enormous 800,000 cu ft balloon for a French operator. This will be the biggest commercially operated balloon so far. If its true then it will be very interesting to see how EASA legislation chooses how to apply the rules. Knowing the French they will probably just go and fly it as they choose! If you are lurking around Bristol and happen by Ashton Park and get a piccie of the test inflation let us know please.

Olympic Airspace
There are going to be some very stringent temporary airspace legislation put into place for the forthcoming Olympic Games. It is best to keep well updated if you want to fly anywhere near the various venues where events are taking place. This applies mainly to north London and Essex but may well spread elsewhere. Check with the CAA for the latest news or, in the case of London and Essex, the BBAC London Region Balloon Club.″