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EB News 27.01.12 Great astonishing news

You all may think The Icicle is the oldest most fantasique balloon meet, and indeed it is, but a legend amongst crusty balloon meets was The All Fools Meet held at the Black Horse well ahead of the formation of the Black Horse Balloon Club so in true six-fingered Bucks type stuff it is with great joy that we can announce that the 25th Anniversary of the Black Horse Balloon Club is to be celebrated with the return of the famous Black Horse All Fools Meet and will held on the National Holiday Weekend of 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of April, which of course is actually the 30th Anniversary. That’s a two meets for the price of one, what a hoot! This will go ahead regardless of trivia like the weather.

It will be the out of season Grass Roots and will be a total wham bang. I bet even Rob Cross will be there. So, if you want to come, book now. If you don’t have balloon or are training come along, it will be a good learning curve. If you have balloon but don’t want any of the normal (set-in-stone-controlled-type-thingy demanding compulsory night glows) or indeed if you have ever been to any of the past All Fool’s Meets or are no longer a balloonatic then still come along. You will assured of a great welcome. This will be the gathering of the year. Even if you are a friend of a friend that went to the Black Horse (or heard about it in some seedy pub or windy launchfield) then this is for you.

If I hadn’t crewed for the incredibly very famous Robin Batchelor at a very early (like number one) then I would never would have got into commercial ballooning so the All Fools Meet has a lot to answer for. There will be everything there was in the past probably including dancing on tables and sitting in the tent early the next morning trying to drink the remains of the beer barrels.

The Black Horse wouldn’t exist had it not been for Peter Dowlen (of Bennett & Sons Insurance fame) arriving in the field many decades ago when he ran out of dried straw so he will probably be guest of honour (tbc). So please send this far and wide and we’ll see you on the day.

This event is open to all balloonists and ex-balloonists or anyone who likes balloons. There will be a Saturday Night Crusty Do (and of course a Survivors wotsit on Sunday) so an idea of numbers would be helpful.

Please email Amelia at to express your interest. On-line entry forms will available Shortly (don’t call me that!!!).